We will verify your trucks firmware / software version and update it (if required) for free before we load the KDMAX Pro  tune.

The tunes do not modify the OEM ID, which means it will always report back as "stock." 

While we do not guarantee warranty status, none of our customers have had any issues with warranty covered repairs after tuning.  

The KDMAX Pro tunes (and the VFTuner platform they are build from) are tested on our own vehicles! This can mean months of testing before we even get updates to utilize for our custom calibrations. 

Our tune does not calibrate the speedometer, however there are other aftermarket options available. 

 Further details can be provided, but in general:
  • Review the KDMAX throttle options - consider overlander racks, toppers, aftermarket accessories, GVWeight, oversize tires, etc.
  • Assess vehicle health (including mileage/battery/current ECU calibration)
  • Connect power supply to maintain constant voltage during flash process
  • VIN is unlocked on the VFTuner platform for use
  • Update to latest factory TSB (if needed) and cycle start
  • Apply custom KDMAX Pro tune and cycle start with idle
  • You test drive keeping in mind some of the tips we provide to expect and how to maximize your testing.
  • Post test drive review to determine if the selected throttle is good or if a quick adjustment is needed. 
You will notice:
  • Improved drivability over stock
  • Enhanced / smoother shift points and reduced gear hunting
  • Reduced Lag
  • Linear power curve
  • Increased throttle sensitivity options
  • Support for large tires / regearing
  • 87-95 Octane friendly (85 for high alt)
No, the KDMAX Pro tune will not affect your vehicles Safety Sense features and for that reason at this time the tune cannot alter the shift points and throttle settings while Adaptive (Radar) Cruise Control is enabled. While engaged, your vehicle will still function with factory settings (untuned). If you hold the cruise control button down for 3-5 seconds you will enter the Regular (Constant Speed) Cruise Control mode. This mode has our updated KDMAX Pro settings enabled.

We understand that an update to our tuning platform (VFTuner) is coming that will allow some level of access to improve the adaptive cruise shift/throttle mappings. Release data is TBD.